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Category Ale

Colour Blonde

Origin Belgium

Type Ale

Pale blonde colour

Alcohol content Medium (5-7º)

Format 330ml

Brugse Zot Blonde 33Cl

  • Brugse Zot Blonde beer is one of Belgium's most emblematic beers. Since its creation in 2005, it has managed to become one of the references in its category and one of the products most in demand by beer lovers around the world.

    -Ingredients and hops used:
    Brugse Zot Blonde is a top-fermented beer made with barley and wheat malts, aromatic hops, and selected yeasts. All this combined with high-quality water that comes from a well located in the city of Bruges itself, in the Flemish region of Flanders.

    -Tasting and tasting notes, IBU and EBC and pairing:
    The Brugse Zot Blonde has a bright golden color and a dense white foam that persists throughout the tasting. On the nose, fresh and fruity aromas are appreciated, with citrus and floral notes. On the palate, it is a balanced and refreshing beer, with a moderate bitterness and a dry and slightly bitter finish. Its alcohol content is 6% ABV and it has an IBU of 20 and an EBC of 8.

    This beer is perfect to accompany Mediterranean and fusion dishes, as well as to pair with soft cheeses and fruit-based desserts. It is also a good option to enjoy on its own, since its flavor is complex enough to be appreciated without the need for accompaniment.

    -Place and factory that produces it:
    The Brugse Zot Blonde is produced at the De Halve Maan brewery, located in the historic center of Bruges. Founded in 1856, this family-owned brewery has been producing high-quality beers for over 150 years. La Brugse Zot Blonde is one of the most recent beers in its catalogue, but it has managed to become one of the most popular thanks to its balanced flavor and its craft production.

    -Beer style:
    La Brugse Zot Blonde belongs to the Belgian Blond Ale style, a category of beers of Belgian origin that are characterized by their golden color, fruity flavor, and floral aroma. This style of beers is very popular in Belgium and around the world, and is made with barley and wheat malts, aromatic hops and selected yeasts that give it a unique and balanced flavor.

    -Awards won:
    La Brugse Zot Blonde has won numerous awards and recognitions in its short history. Among them are the gold medal at the 2012 World Beer Awards, the bronze medal at the 2013 European Beer Star and the silver medal at the 2015 Australian International Beer Awards. These awards are recognition of quality and taste of this Belgian craft beer.

    -Factory history:
    The De Halve Maan brewery is one of the oldest and most emblematic breweries in Belgium. Founded in 1856 by Henri Maes, it has been run by five generations of the Maes family and has survived two world wars and the Nazi invasion of Bruges. The brewery has been able to adapt to the changes and challenges of the market, and today it is one of the tourist attractions of the city of Bruges. In 2016, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the brewery, a beer tube was inaugurated that connects the factory with the historic city center, allowing beer to be transported from the factory to the city center without the need for trucks.

    Brugse Zot Blonde beer takes its name from the inhabitants of Bruges, who are known as "zot", meaning crazy. According to legend, the Emperor Maximilian of Austria, who visited the city in the 15th century, referred to the inhabitants of Bruges as "zotten" because of their fondness for beer and their cheerful spirit. Since then, the people of Bruges have proudly adopted the nickname and the Brugse Zot Blonde beer is a tribute to their history and beer culture.