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Colston Basset. Incredibly buttery texture, achieved by manual combing of the curd, it is tasty, fruity, deep, enjoys a light touch acid and the intensity of its flavor does not go hand in hand with the aggressiveness of others 

Stilton. Exclusive recipe for Neal's Yard Dairy. With a grade less than two kilometres  of  the  four  farms  that  Io 

supply, Colston Bassett District Dairy Ileva making Stilton cheese since 1920. Neal s Yard Dairy says, in the 80s, the production of a personalized recipe  in which the use of animal rennet would be established, which  Ie proportional more  body to the cheese and a minor  number  and intensity  of punctures, to establish a balance between the flavors developed by the cheese itself and the action& nbsp;proteolytic of molds  ;blues.

Colston Basset Stilton

  • Pasteurized cow's milk 

    Maturation: 5 months

    Format: 8 kg approx. 

    Animal rennet 

    Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom