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ORIGIN: Between the picturesque and gentle slopes of the Canal du Midi and Carcassonne we came across these magnificent vineyards, where we produced superb blends of hand-picked grapes, perfectly ripened under the ever-present Mediterranean sun.



DESCRIPTION: Grenache Gris & Cinsault: Grenache Gris and Cinsault grapes fill your glass with wild strawberries, fine cassis and young red fruits.



RECOMMENDATIONS: Fraktique Rosé shares its sophistication when paired with modest but Mediterranean cuisine, such as a fresh summer salad, seafood or sophisticated sandwiches. Soft flavours will be enhanced while strong flavours will be tamed. Fraktique Gris Rosé is a Mediterranean goddess that can also stand perfectly on its own to make the most of your aperitif.


Best served chilled at a temperature of 8°. Alcohol percentage 13%.