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This magnificent wine from Campania is a well thought-out and perfect blend of the Fiano grape (33,3%), the Falanghina (33,3%) and the Greco grape (33,3%). Each of these grapes bring their own gift to the table and provides a palate full of flavours you only want to discover more.

The Greco grape is by far the most appreciated for its powerful and tropical flavours with a diversity of nuances and complexity. The Fiano on the other hand provides a freshness and vitality but also a pure refinement to the wine while the Falanghina grape especially brings a tasty bouquet (Viognier) to the table.

We chose to work with an exclusive collection of vines with an average age of 25 years. These magnificent vines are all located in Avellino where the grape harvest (September-October) is still done by hand and therefore with true passion. All three grape varieties are vinified separately and are handled with such refinement and delicacy. 80% of the these grapes is after fermentation blended and kept in cuves of stainless steel and laid to rest ‘Sur Lie’ to enhance the intensity of the grape. This provides not only a richer but also a finer and more complex flavour. The other 20% of each grape variety is fermented on new French oak barrels for about 45 days. Mid-December the ultimate blend is finally made. After bottling the wine it will be kept for at least another month so a divine and exclusive white wine is guaranteed. Le Couchon White is born.

The scent of this wine is rich with tropical fresh fruit like banana, and vanilla. But on the palate it is perfectly balanced with dry and full flavours with hints of citrus in the aftertaste. This pure joy is mostly appreciated as an appetizer or accompanied with tasty poultry, delicious pasta or diches of seafood like Gambas.

Alcohol: 12,5% .

Le Couchon Campania White