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The winery, Titerok-Akaet, takes its name from what the aborigines called the island of Lanzarote, meaning 'red mountain'/'the one that burns', alluding to the present-day Timanfaya Park.

This wine comes from a vineyard in the Montaña de Timbaíba, which is called 'Paraje'.


Paraje is made from a blend of grapes from different plots. The varieties are Malvasía Volcánica, Listán Blanco, Diego and Listán Negro. The grapes were harvested from the following plots: Masdache, Timbaíba, Las Quemadas, La Costa, Montaña Blanca, Gaida and Bilbao. The youngest vines are about 25 years old and are located at an altitude of 50 metres above sea level, while the oldest vines are more than 120 years old and are located at 600 metres above sea level.


The grapes were harvested by hand between mid-July and the end of August and stored in cold storage. A cold pre-fermentation maceration was carried out for 24 hours before destemming and crushing. After gentle pressing, the must was cold pressed overnight. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out at a controlled temperature. The wine was then aged on its lees for 11 months in concrete tanks and in chestnut and oak barrels. Some batches of the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. The wine was bottled in June and, after two months in bottle, sealed and labelled.

Titerok-Akaet Paraje