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Characteristics Envínate Benje White

Envínate Benje Blanco is a white wine on lees elaborated by Envínate with the listán blanca variety in the D.O. Ycoden-Daute-Isora (Canary Islands).


Envínate is the project of four wine enthusiasts who met while studying oenology in Alicante. Alfonso Torrente, José Ángel Martínez, Laura Ramos and Roberto Santana are great advocates of fresh, Atlantic wines, so it is not surprising that their main creations come from the Canary Islands and Ribeira Sacra (Galicia). Based on singular vineyards and adapting the winemaking process to the characteristics of each vintage, they achieve very authentic wines that faithfully reflect each of the terroirs.


In the case of Envínate Benje Blanco, it was born in Santiago del Teide (Canary Islands), an area at an altitude of 1,000 metres in the northwest of the island whose climate stands out for its low humidity and high sunshine. The vines are old vineyards between 60 and 120 years old and are planted in volcanic soil made up of red sandstone and basalt. Farming is respectful of the environment and the grapes are harvested by hand at the optimum moment of ripening.


In the winery, the grapes of Envínate Benje Blanco are directly pressed and the must obtained is fermented spontaneously in concrete tanks and small open vats with indigenous yeasts. The wine is then aged on its lees for 8 months in concrete tanks and neutral French oak barrels. Finally, it is bottled with a minimum amount of sulphur dioxide.


Envínate Benje Blanco is a fruity and juicy white wine born in the heart of Teide. Hence its name Benje, crater in the aboriginal Canarian Guanche language, a characteristic circular depression right next to the volcano. A tribute to a very special area of the island where there are no wineries left.



Envínate Benje White