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Manufacturer: Vinófilos

The sparkling wine from the Landscape of the Islands range. "Blanc de noir" made 100% with the Listán Negro variety. Fine bubbles, aromatic and gastronomic.

fish · sushi · semi-cured-cheeses · seafood · appetizers

Landscape of the Sparkling Islands Reserve

  • View: Clean and bright. With a fairly consistent carbon. Nose: One of the most aromatic sparkling wines that you can taste (in the Canary Islands there is nothing similar at an aromatic level). With a very direct nose, it is not necessary to leave it in the glass or move it to appreciate its wide variety of tropical and floral aromas. Sweet notes of syrupy fruit. Mouth: Highly integrated carbonic in which the long aging in the bottle is noticeable. Very fresh and with good acidity without being outstanding. Easy to drink and balanced.